Whether you have 10 pounds to lose or 100 pounds to lose, we all know it’s not easy.  You may already be on a Keto plan or you’re here in search of new information.  Either way, welcome to Keto Bite.  This site was set up with the intention of sharing information on the ketogenic diet and lifestyle as well as recipes.  It’s a community where we all feel safe to share our journey and cheer each other on.  We started off as a small group of people on Facebook and we just keep on growing.  So many people are getting onboard with Keto and that’s great!  It’s changing people’s lives for the better and we see that happen daily within the Keto Bite community.

One of the questions I’m asked almost daily is “What can I eat?”  I can have a lot of fun answering this question.  I’m a chef and I’m obsessed with food!  Following a new way of eating can be overwhelming for many reasons.  Not only is it difficult to change current habits, but what about the expense?  The second most asked question is “Is it expensive?”  Well, the fact is, Keto is free.  Sure, you still have to buy the food, but you’re buying food anyway, right?  Don’t worry though.  Keto Bite has a collection of tasty, easy to make, budget friendly recipes to help you get started.

One more thing you should know about Keto Bite:

If you can help feed someone homeless or in need of a meal would you do it?  How about if you can do it without leaving your house?  Well, hopefully that sounds good to you because that’s exactly what you’re doing when you visit Keto Bite.  A percentage of all income generated from this website is donated directly to organizations that help feed the homeless and help educate low income families on food and nutrition.

Thank you for being part of the Keto Bite community!


Disclaimer – I am not a nutritionist or a medical professional.  None of the information on this blog should be considered medical advice. If you have any health or medical concerns, please consult your doctor.